We have individual stroke play, team play and Tournament play – With Prizes.
Come Join Us and Try Them All Out!

CLOSED for BUSINESS until further notice!!

We play every Thursday Mornings at Lakewood Country Club located at

3101 E Carson St, Lakewood, CA 90712

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The Lakewood Golf Course Is officially Open Starting 5/9/2020  Book Tee time>  Here  

(Cafe and restaurant remained Closed Until Further Notice.)

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We all miss Golf.  IT’s BEEN TOO LONG!!   Can you guess which Hole is this at LCC?  (A Small Prize for the first two lady-golfers with correct answer;  message to Sharon Carpenter at  562-818-8888

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LWGC HCP Report 2020-05-01

2020 New World Handicap Systems

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BIRTHDAYS Celebrations:  (April thru June)

4/4 Sandra Morse 5/10 M Kim  
4/10 Sandy Hill 5/15 Sharon Na
4/14 Marian Duntley 5/16 Joree Johnson
4/16 Pat Hunter 5/21 Molly Silva
4/16 Jean Horton 5/25 Lee Mi Ran
4/17 B McCullough 5/25 Christina Kim
4/18 Angela Yoo 5/25 Bert Thompson
4/19 Susan McGill    
4/20 Agnes Lee 6/6 Virginia Masters
4/20 Kathy Kang 6/10 Cheryl Meyer
4/25 Won Ja Kim 6/16 Donna  Doss-Burley
4/25 Linda Krammes 6/20 Dolores Matich
4/25 Mary Ogle 6/20 Mary Shon
5/7 Atsuko Kawamoto 6/21 Haena Moon Ahn