We have individual stroke play, team play and Tournament play – With Prizes.
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We play every Thursday Mornings at Lakewood Country Club located at

3101 E Carson St, Lakewood, CA 90712

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Image result for Happy New Year 2020 Clipart free    Image result for Happy New Year 2020 Clipart free

2019 Happy Holidays and
Happy New Year!!

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Attention Please:   All Cart Drivers, Please Try Not to go Over the Muddy Area Near Green or Fairway. Our course Need your TLC.  Thank You. Happy Golfing!

2019 LWGC Happy Holiday Video

2019 Holloween Video

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What’s Coming 2020, January 1st?   The New World Handicap Systems (WHS)!!

WHS Presentation

2019 – The 20 Most Important CHANGES  by  Expert Golf

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BIRTHDAYS Celebrations:  (November ~ December)

Date Name Date  Name
11/4 Mcdonnell, Penny 11/27 Chuman, Angie
11/6 Wade, Arlene 11/30 Wussow, Joan
11/6 Kim, Soon 12/4 Yi, Song
11/7 Boles, Angie 12/5 Forbes, Fletcher
11/8 Rambeau, Karen 12/10 Oh, Jane
11/8 Grenier, Meredith 12/15 Kim, Sunny Jae
11/10 Culjat, Vera 12/16 Anderson, Stevie
11/14 Oreb, Ginny 12/17 Dobra, Carol
11/20 Carpenter, Sharon 12/19 Chang, Vivian
11/23 Merali, Yasmin 12/21 Kantor, Yuri
11/24 Hockett, Dee Dee 12/28 Hamada, Jeanne
11/26 Standish, Marion